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The high performance of the FAE forestry mulcher

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2023 | Back

Upgrade for the FAE Group's BL5/EX forestry mulcher, which broadens its equipment range with the BL MAX blade. The large cutting surface, the profile optimised with the use of high-strength materials, and the application of specific heat treatments allow the BL MAX to achieve a high level of cutting capacity and operating efficiency - reads a note from the Trento-based manufacturer. In addition, the blade can be resharpened using the special jig, thus extending the life of the tool. Designed to be used with excavators from 24 to 36 tonnes, the BL5/EX mulcher is equipped with Bite Limiter technology - which reduces power demand by favouring a constant working speed - is able to shred logs up to a diameter of 40 centimetres and has a working width of 160 centimetres. As an option, FAE offers the exclusive "Sonic" system, which ensures the coupling between the machine and the mulcher through the automatic calibration of the head. An operation that the user can perform with the FAE App for iOS and Android.

In addition, Sonic technology constantly manages the hydraulic parameters of the application. Finally, BL MAX can be supplied as an optional tool for the 200/U forestry mulcher, available for both the FAE PT-300 crawler cab vehicle and other special vehicles.


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