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The performance of the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher

by Emanuele Bredice
October 2023 | Back

FAE is launching on the market the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher, designed to be used on skid steer loaders with power ratings between 45 and 65 Hp. The new machine from the Trento-based company - its headquarters are in Fondo (Trento) - can shred vegetation, shrubs and trees up to 10 centimetres in diameter and is available with working widths ranging from 125 to 150 centimetres. The mulcher has been equipped by FAE technicians with a VT (Variable Torque) engine that - says the Fondo-based company - offers better performance than a fixed displacement one. With this solution, the equipment always works at the maximum torque required, maintaining a high rpm and at the same time optimising fuel consumption. The head of the BL1/SSL/VT is equipped with Bite Limiter technology which, thanks to special wear-resistant steel profiles, limits the depth of action of the tools, thus reducing the demand for power a and maintaining a constant working speed. The system also limits the possibility of the motor stalling. Also contributing to lowering the power demand, the new FAE forestry mulcher uses counter blades that are interchangeable and off-axis. 

This technical feature - explains the manufacturer - allows for finer shredding and smoother flow of the wet material. Finally, it is worth mentioning the special design that makes the counter-blades efficient on both very stiff wood and more flexible shrubs.


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