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Ploughs: the new Pöttinger series

Pöttinger brings to the market the new generation of ploughs, the SERVO 4000 Standard, NOVA, PLUS and PLUS NOVA ploughs, in four-row and six-row versions. The NOVA and PLUS NOVA ploughs are equipped with hydraulic overload protection and an adjustable...

Pöttinger anniversary, 150 years of business

“Honour the past - be the future”, this is the claim that Pöttinger coined to celebrate 150 years of business, a century and a half that saw a small artisan company from Grieskirchen (Austria) become an internationally recognized manufacturer of...

CCI 1200, the new Pöttinger terminal

Pöttinger presents the new 12-inch CCI 1200 terminal on the market. The screen offers the user a broad choice of features, and the simple and intuitive touchscreen commands provide a "tablet" experience. An integrated sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of...

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