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Ploughs: the new Pöttinger series

by the editorial staff
March - April 2023 | Back

Pöttinger brings to the market the new generation of ploughs, the SERVO 4000 Standard, NOVA, PLUS and PLUS NOVA ploughs, in four-row and six-row versions. The NOVA and PLUS NOVA ploughs are equipped with hydraulic overload protection and an adjustable release force of up to 1,400 kg, which protects the equipment from damage. The Series is available with a distance between bodies of 95 centimetres or 102 centimetres, a chassis ground clearance of 80 centimetres, or on request 90, and can be combined - depending on the equipment - with tractors from 140 up to 360 Hp.

Among the highlights of the SERVO 4000 is the Traction Control system, which ensures active weight transfer from the plough to the rear axle of the tractor. As the manufacturer says, the resulting increased traction ensures efficient work by reducing tractor slip and damaging soil compaction. In this way, the equipment avoids the formation of a barrier that impedes plant growth, favouring their life cycle as well as the passage of water and nutrients. It should also be noted that the attachment to the tractor has been designed by the Austrian company's engineers in such a way that it can be adjusted in various ways according to the tractors' power.

In addition to the standard load-bearing axles, a tractor hitch with double roller bearings and a steering axle are also available. Adjustment of the hitch is controlled by the SERVOMATIC system, which allows the operator to adjust, tilt and working width of the first body with just a few manoeuvres. A hydraulic adjustment system is also available on request.


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