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Servo 3000, a heavy-duty plough from Pöttinger

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January 2024 | Back

A new mounted reversible plough for medium tractors. It is launched by Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger with the Servo 3000 model, which is offered in different versions that differ in frame height, distance between bodies and number of ploughshares (three to five). At the heart of the new Pöttinger plough is the SERVOMATIC system, which is characterised by an articulated quadrangular kinematics that makes the adjustment of the implement faster and more precise, adapting it to different tractor hitch geometries in a track width range of 1,000 to 1,500 mm (operation on the tie rod is made easier by a graduated scale). The pull point - the manufacturer states in a note - is preset at the factory and does not have to be corrected. Another highlight of the Servo 3000 plough is the NOVA hydraulic overload protection, which allows this model to work on even the most demanding stony terrain, as the protection cylinders are positioned inside the covers and are therefore protected from both external agents and possible damage. The release pressure, which can be adjusted from 1,200 to 1,500 kg, increases when the release is made and thus guarantees a rapid re-penetration of the body into the soil (with a deflection of 42 cm in height and 20 cm laterally). Formed by a hollow shaft with a diameter of 110 mm, well positioned in the robust headstock, the body allows for gentle reversing at the headland and reduces forces on the bearings. To make the most of the traction force of the tractor and optimise the transmission of power to the ground, the hitch of Five furrows models can be implemented with Traction control technology that uses a hydraulic cylinder to provide an additional load on the rear axle of the tractor, shifting the weight. Servo 3000 can be equipped with a wide range of additional implements, such as skimmers and coulters. As far as jockey wheels are concerned, there is a choice of pivot depth wheels, dual depth wheels and transport pivot wheels of various sizes, which ensure optimum depth control.

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