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The versatility of the Sicura seed drill

Sicura is a seed drill for small seeds, designed and manufactured by "MA/AG", for the specific characteristics of Italian and European soils. The machine, presented at Agritechnica, was designed by the manufacturer of Casalbuttano (in the province of Cremona) for...

The versatility of the VORTEX line

The MA/AG disc harrows of the Vortex series are machines designed to work on no-till soil but also to carry out subsoling or after ploughing operations. The basic structure of these models consists of two parallel rows of independent discs...

Vortex, heavy-duty harrow with top performance

At EIMA International, the Lombardy company MA/AG based in Casalbuttano (Cremona) will be presenting two models for soil tilling. Vortex is a parallel harrow with independent discs. They are available in the mounted version with a fixed or folding hydraulic...

Cultirapid NXT, the new MA/AG subsoiler

Preview at the 44th EIMA for the “Cultirapid NXT” subsoiler from MA/AG, the company from Casalbuttano (CR) that has been producing agricultural equipment since 1976 and has specialised in the construction of innovative solutions for minimum tillage and conservation agriculture...

Vortex is a multifunctional machine for soil preparation

MA/AG Agricultural Machinery is arriving at EIMA International with a number of the manufacturer’s leading products opening with the Vortex parallel cultivator with independent discs, a multifunctional machine for soil preparation to be used as needed for breaking soil, subsoiling...

New MA/AGmodel for "Sicura" seeder

The new product presented by MA/AG at the German exhibition is the “Sicura” seeder in an SSP pneumatic version. It is a machine originally designed for sowing on hard ground, although it can also be used on partially processed soil,...

SICURA, the new seeder produced by MA/AG

Important news from MA/AG, in Bologna to present SICURA, a seeder designed for sod seeding of winter-autumn cereals and all those specific crops that can be sown in line with spacing of 175 mm and 187.5 mm or their multiples....

The Cultirapid PRO, MA/AG technology for minimum tilling

Arriving new to Agritechnica is the MA/AG Cultirapid PRO designed for various types of operations with a single passage and perfect capabilities on all soil conditions

New line of heavy disc harrows signed by MAAG

The EDVI 970 HD for Heavy Duty is the name the manufacturer MAAG in Casalbuttano, near Cremona, has given to the line of trailed disc harrows built for big farming operations requiring elevated power for demanding conditions in working great...

Cultirapid EVO, built specifically for minimum tilling

MA/AG is arriving in Verona with an interesting new product called the Cultirapid EVO  designed for working the soil and preparing seed beds according to the tenets of conservation agriculture and built for sod seeding with the minimum tilling...

Burying Sewage: MA/AG's IDL for Performance

Sewage has long been seen as a basic source of fertiliser thanks to the nitrogen it contains. If treated properly, it contains all the sustenance crops need.But, as shown by research quoted by MA/AG, a leading light in agricultural technology...

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