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New line of heavy disc harrows signed by MAAG

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

The EDVI 970 HD for Heavy Duty is the name the manufacturer MAAG in Casalbuttano, near Cremona, has given to the line of trailed disc harrows built for big farming operations requiring elevated power for demanding conditions in working great extensions of land. The heart of these harrows is a double girder structure with vertical folding in two sections built of robust but flexible tubular steel fitted with pivots and bearings for V work section joints for mounting the discs. Unlike competitors’ models, the front section of the MAAG disc harrows can be regulated independently of the rear section to provide the operator with better management of the machine in relation to forward speed and the morphology of the terrain. Also the central trolly is controlled by hydraulics which make it possible to achieve correct load balance and a valve cursor handles the regulation of the depth of work.  The manufacturer explained that these features are greatly advantageous in operations on sandy or silty land with the big tires – facing to the rear of the harrow to avoid covering them with the soil lifted by the front section – supporting the machine in operation. Another big EDVI 970 HD strong point is that the supports are oscillating with two conical roller bearings, to cushion vertical load and lateral movement, and are equipped with an interchangeable lower protection hood. The discs on the EDVI 970 HD carry cast iron spacers fitted with palette soil scrapers and are available in dome, smooth and toothed versions with dimensions of 660, 710 and 810 mm and disc distances of 230 or 270 mm. The discs can also be regulated independently. These harrows, which can be given type approval for travel on public roads, come to 3 meters in length for transport, overall 8 meters depending on the model. The work widths vary from 5.1 m for the 32 disc version to 7 m for the 52 disc version with average load per disc at 140/160 kg. 




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