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Celli: on stage at EIMA the MAXI combined harrow

Celli is launching two new products at EIMA 2022: the MAXI fixed harrow equipped for combined use with a pneumatic seed drill and the SCORPIO S flail mower. The MAXI fixed harrow, which features a 3-meter model at the show,...

Frandent Eternum, new high-end harrows

Frandent Group, a company based in Osasco (Turin) and manufacturer of haymaking and tillage machinery, is presenting the new range of Eternum harrows models HN - HR - HS at EIMA International. The new harrows, which from the very start...

Maschio Gaspardo: the power of Jumbo

Maschio Gaspardo is showing at EIMA International the new Jumbo Isotronic, a top-of-the-range folding power harrow with ISOBUS communication protocol. As a development of the Jumbo model, the Jumbo Isotronic stands out for multiple mechanical, structural and electronic innovations. First...

TORO ISOTRONIC, the high-tech harrow from Maschio Gaspardo

Time for news at Maschio Gaspardo. On the occasion of the 44rd edition of EIMA International, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) is launching a new folding power harrow with Isobus communication system. The TORO ISOTRONIC, developed from the TORO RAPIDO...

Twin Force Maxi technology for Alpego harrows

Totally new for the power harrows by Alpego in Gambellara, near Vicenza, is the Twin Force Maxi system which has evolved from the tried and tested Twin Force deployed by for some time by the Veneto manufacturer featuring not only...

Alpego: the RmaX fixed harrow practical and reliable

A reinforced frame, a setup for combined operation with an Alpego seed drill, ample lateral flanks, rear sheet steel protection, a protection system for central universal joint,  quick release for drop forged tines and depth control of tines. These are...

New line of heavy disc harrows signed by MAAG

The EDVI 970 HD for Heavy Duty is the name the manufacturer MAAG in Casalbuttano, near Cremona, has given to the line of trailed disc harrows built for big farming operations requiring elevated power for demanding conditions in working great...

Harrows, the New Alpego Range

Alpego, the leading maker of farm equipment from Gambellara near Vicenza, added further confirmation of its attachment to innovation with a new series of fixed and folding power harrows that can be combined with seed broadcasters. The five, strikingly styled...

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