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Maschio Gaspardo: the power of Jumbo

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2022 | Back

Maschio Gaspardo is showing at EIMA International the new Jumbo Isotronic, a top-of-the-range folding power harrow with ISOBUS communication protocol. As a development of the Jumbo model, the Jumbo Isotronic stands out for multiple mechanical, structural and electronic innovations. First of all, it features the Isobus protocol that allows all operating parameters to be displayed through the tractor terminal, thus simplifying the use of the equipment and optimizing its life cycle. As a matter of fact, a series of sensors applied to the machine enables constant monitoring of the main functions of the equipment. Specifically, the operator can monitor power input, oil temperature in the gearboxes, rotor rotation speed, cardan slippage, effective operating depth, roller misalignment, correct positioning of the cardan joints when closing (the "cardan savers," a patented innovation), and hours and hectares worked. Another innovative feature, covered by two new Maschio Gaspardo patents, enables a load cell to keep track of the power absorbed to increase efficiency while operating. Also worth mentioning is the real-time monitoring of the central gearbox performance:  if necessary, the operator can take immediate action to correct any mistakes. Furthermore, Jumbo Isotronic offers high strength thanks to its reinforced frame and innovative structural improvements. One of them is the POWER HUB, a system composed of bearings and supports that safeguard the rotors' transmission elements. This solution makes it possible to withstand both a higher power load and greater sealing. Rollers have also benefited from critical new features in this field: new bearings called BLINDED protect the internal mechanics from contamination and improve the quality of fieldwork regardless of ground conditions. The machine can be combined with tractors up to 550 hp and is available in three working widths:  six, seven and eight meters. Conversely, the maximum refinement depth is hydraulically adjustable up to 29 cm by a hydraulic roller drive. Road transport is secured by a hydraulic coupling system providing a transport width of only 2.4 meters. The Veneto-based group (headquartered in Campodarsego, Padua) also enhances its range of high-speed seed drills with the CHRONO 800 model. Equipped with an electrically driven seeding unit and a unique pneumatic seed transport system, CHRONO 800 enables operation of 15 km/h and above, with a certified standard of accuracy according to ISO 7256/1. Absolute top performance for the new centralized seed and fertilizer hopper, with large operating capacity thanks to the 12- to 16-row folding wing frame. Noteworthy among other Maschio Gaspardo innovations are the PRIMO updates, a high-end fertilizer spreader that is even more precise and efficient. ISOTRONIC E/EW versions feature significant new features, such as an increased hopper capacity to 4,450 liters and control of up to 32 sections. The new PRIMO EWH ISOTRONIC version introduces a disc drive with two independent hydraulic motors. This ensures maximum distribution accuracy in all parts of the field at all times, thanks to the ISO communication protocol.


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