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Kubota EK1 Series, versatility and power

Kubota completes the EK compact tractor range with the EK1-221, which is characterised by comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. The machine is equipped with a water-cooled, three-cylinder Mitsubishi Stage V engine with a power output of 22 hp/15.8 kW,...

Kubota celebrates 70 years in Europe

An important milestone for Kubota, which this year celebrates its 50th year in Europe. In fact, it was in 1974 that the Japanese group opened its first subsidiary in France, specialising in the production of tractors, agricultural equipment, construction machinery,...

Ze lawnmowers, operational autonomy in the foreground

Kubota offers the market a new generation of zero-turn electric lawnmowers. These are the Ze-421 and Ze-481 models, which are appreciated not only for their comfort and low noise and vibration levels, but also for their working autonomy. The Ze...

Agri Robo KVT, Kubota's highly automated tractor

At Agritechnica 2023 Kubota presented the autonomous tractor Agri Robo KVT. The new model enriches the range of “robotized” tractors, which began in Japan in 2017 with the SL60 and then continued with the 100 Hp class in 2020. Agri...

LXe-261, Kubota's electric tractor

LXe-261, Kubota's first compact electric tractor, is coming to Europe. The Japanese agricultural mechanization multinational highlights that the machine - shown at EIMA International - is designed to meet current environmental standards and will be available for rental in Europe...

Kubota's 'specialised' sprayers

Kubota launches a new range of high value crop sprayers. Six models have been produced by the Japanese manufacturer - XTA21, XTA22, XTA24, XTA31, XTA33, XTA63 - designed to perform precise and sustainable treatments, modulated to the specific needs of...

Kubota F-Series, comfort and agility

Kubota has expanded its F-Series with the introduction of the F-391 model in addition to the F-251, two sturdy and powerful ride-ons designed by Kubota engineers for use by professional landscaping contractors. The F-391 is powered by a 38 Hp...

M6001, the Kubota utility series

The new M6001 Utility tractor series, designed by Kubota to offer users efficient, functional and, above all, multi-purpose vehicles, will be available on the European market from next quarter. The term "utility" is used to define vehicles designed to offer...

Kubota, the versatility of LX tractors

From snow removal and mowing to material handling and tillage, a single tractor line-up for a multitude of jobs. This is the Kubota LX range, which consists of four new versatile and compact models powered by Kubota's Stage V engine,...

EK1, the compact tractors by Kubota

A new range of compact tractors for small producers and the amateur segment. Kubota launches the EK1 series, born from a collaboration with the Indian company Escorts Limited, which has been operating in the automotive and agricultural machinery sector since...

Kubota M6002: power and comfort

Kubota’s new M6002 series was presented to the public for the first time in February, at the FIMA in Zaragoza. This series, consisting of the models M6122, M6132 and M6142, was created as an effective solution for those who work...

The future of agriculture, according to Kubota

To celebrate the brand’s 130th anniversary, Kubota presented a series of innovative prototypes with electric motors, from the gardening sector to the earthmoving sector, during an event held on January 15th and 16th in Kyoto showing the Japanese brand’s vision...

Kubota fertilizer spreader, a "fast" machine

Its name is DSXL-W Geospread and it is a fertilizer spreader able to work at high speeds, even with the application of variable speed fertilizer. It was created by Kubota which, in designing the machine, paid particular attention to the...

The new Kubota MGX-IV with high performance

The new Kubota MGX-IV Series of tractors is making its debut at the Bologna exposition. An 8 speed Powershift transmission, efficient hydraulics with flow control from the driver's seat and an ability to adapt to the terrain are some of the strong points of the series designed to ensure absolutely topflight performance

MGX, the new Kubota tractors

Performance, comfort and manoeuvrability are the strengths of the new MGX Kubota tractors, a line consisting of five models with eight-speed Powershift transmission over three ranges (high, medium and low) for a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds....

M7002tractor: high performance and low fuel consumption

M7002 is the name of a tractor designed by Kubota to replace the M7001, making its debut in Hanover before the large audience of Agritechnica. Compared to the previous model, the M7002 comes with a 6-speed Powershift transmission (with a...

Kubota tractors, a leading player at the

One of the leading Kubota mid-power category tractors, the 74 Hp M7060 DTHQ was presented at the EIMA Show by the Domenichini Group agricultural machinery dealer located in Perugia. This tractor with cab is equipped with a wide range of...

Kubota spreader for precision farming

The Kubota DSM-W GEOspread is a weighing spreader series with capacities from 1100 to 2450 liters designed for small and medium-size farms ready for new generation technologies capable of ensuring precision treatments and lowering the consumption of fertilizer. On the...

M6060 and M7060: Kubota tractors with respect for the environment

The restyled Kubota M6060 and M7060 tractors following rigorous redesigning by the Japanese manufacture are turning up at Fieragricola with a host of new features, beginning with their engines. For these models, Kubota is unwrapping the Common Rail system...

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