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Anno 2018 Numero 10-11

October - November 2018

The new Kubota MGX-IV with high performance

The new Kubota MGX-IV Series of tractors is making its debut at the Bologna exposition. An 8 speed Powershift transmission, efficient hydraulics with flow control from the driver's seat and an ability to adapt to the terrain are some of the strong points of the series designed to ensure absolutely topflight performance

Time for something new from Kubota coming to EIMA International to unwrap a new range of tractors, the MGX-IV series built for providing even more brilliant performance. The five models coming off the Japanese manufacturer’s assembly line will all be equipped with the 8 speed Powershift with gear high, medium and low range and 24 forward and 24 reverse gear range allowing the operator to change gear without using the clutch pedal. Another transmission function is automatic control in the medium range eliminating the need to change speed manually by allowing the tractor to handle this. The updated hydraulic system adapts to the type of operation to easily cope with the most demanding implements with the hydraulic pumps, a high oil flow and a general response by the entire system. Other pluses are allowing the operator to control the oil flow from the driver’s seat, a lift capacity on the level from 5000/6100 Kg and oil flows of 133 and 143 l/min for the best management of all types of implements. MGX-IV tractors ensure excellent maneuverability, are able to adapt to all types of terrain and react to any change such as moving over small or muddy ground. The 2RM steering operates with the sensors mounted on the front axle to automatically disengage the 4RM mode while driving through a curve to provide maximum care for protecting the tires. On the side of safety there is the Operator Presence Control. If the operator leaves the seat without having applied the parking brake an alarm signal and LED warning light are activated showing a brake fault and applying a double-line trailer brake.

The M5001 Utility Narrow is a narrow specialist tractor ideal for operations on all types of crops and especially in olive stands, vineyards and orchards. These tractors are powered by 3.8 liter 4 cylinder 112 Hp engines with an electrohydraulic reverser and are equipped with a new front axle and transmissions with conical gears compatible with the reduced tread of the tires with a maximum size of 1,700 mm.

The M6121 models come with certified FOPS purposely designed for mixed agricultural operations with front loaders. The manufacturer explained a new technique in a communique, “The M6121 tractors are equipped with a closed circuit hydraulic pump with a system which detects the load to supply 1.10 l/min oil flow with the new LK2100H front loader. These tractors mount a 6.1 liter 115 Hp and an additional boost of 20 Hp in combination with the new 6 speed Powershift with 5 ranges.” The M6121 is equipped with self-levelling and an integrated munctional joystick. These features make the new Kobuta tractors ideal for mixed cultivations and dairy farms.

The M4002 Series are prized tractors with a wheelbase extended to 80 mm, a spacious and comfortable cab and pneumatic suspension plus excellent vision thanks to the small roof which can be opened which comes as standard equipment. Among other strong points are the M4002 new transmission 36/36 allowing optimum speed for all types of special work. The engines selected for this series are the 4 cylinder Kubota V3307 3.3 providing 66 or 73 Hp which allow maximum maneuverability thanks to the coninal transmission gears.

by Fabrizio Sereni

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