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MerloMobility, controllo totale

After the continuous presentation of innovative machines, Merlo, leader of the telescopic handler segment, focuses its attention on a fleet control system resulting from the research of the Cuneo-based company, and presents the new MerloMobility at Agritechnica. This system has...

TurboFarmer TF27.6, compact and safe

New at Merlo, the TurboFarmer TF27.6 compact telehandler makes its debut, combining the compact size of the P27.6 and the equipment of the TF35.7. The compact dimensions - height 2.02 metres, width 1.86 metres and length 3.91 metres - together...

TreEmme X Series, the new agricultural/forestry by Merlo Group's

Merlo Group's TreEmme X Series range has been expanded with a new model, the MM250X e­quip­ped with a 180 KW six-cylinder Stage V engine. The entire TreEmme range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes work faster and more precise,...

MF44 telehandler, a restyling for Stage V

Along with the launch of its new Stage V engines-the power unit is a 4,500 cc FPT delivering 170 horsepower with Doc and Dpf-Merlo of San Defendente (Cuneo) has updated the profile of its MF44 telehandler range. The chassis is...

Merlo, growth is "green"

The launch of the e-Worker in 2021, Merlo's first full electric telehandler, marks an important step change in industrial strategies for the Piedmont-based company. The qualitative leap is the result of careful planning that in 2018 had led the company...

Merlo: High Capacity brand new models

New entry for Merlo's High Capacity telehandlers. The range, designed for the most demanding operations and for handling heavy loads, sees the update of two models: the TF50.8 and the TF45.11, which replace those of equal capacity in Merlo's range....

Merlo's M600TD, in electric version

The new M600TD-e Full Electric transporter marks another step in the range innovation strategy that Merlo has called Generation Zero: zero emissions, zero noise and zero fossil fuel consumption. These are eco-friendly models with very low environmental impact, which, as...

Lifts: Merlo's "electric" strategy

Merlo's stand at EIMA International starred the eWorker model, the first full-electric telescopic handler manufactured by the company from San Defendente (Cuneo, Italy) and forerunner of a new generation of 100% electric machinery. Over the next few years, the eWorker...

One more award for Merlo's e-Worker

A new award for Merlo Group's multi-award-winning e-Worker electric telehandler. After receiving the gold medal for the Samoter Innovation Award in Verona and the Grand Prix Matériel in Paris, the Cuneo Group wins the Technical Mention at EIMA International 20/21...

Cingo haulers, the news for Merlo crawlers

Their name is Cingo and they are multi-tool tracked conveyors designed by the Cuneo company Merlo (the headquarters are in San Defendente) to offer primary operators multi-purpose and versatile work tools. The characteristic of the range, which is in the...

ASCS by Merlo: Samoter innovation award

The new ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) by Merlo has been awarded the special mention of the 2017 SaMoTer Innovation Award. The prize has been awarded by a board composed of leading figures in academic and professional associations, recognising the...

Turbofarmer II by Merlo takes centre stage in Bologna

The motor update to the range is a very challenging step in the innovation process of the machinery. Merlo chose EIMA International to present the new range of telehandlers equipped with new-generation engines

High performance for the Merlo forestry machines

At the exhibition in Hanover, the Cuneo brand presented two new tool-carrying tractors, ideal for road and forest maintenance. These are models MM 135 MC and the flagship MM 350 X, powered by a vigorous Deutz 7,800 cm³ , capable of delivering 350 horsepower

Making room for new Merlo models

The Cuneo manufacturer presented new products at EIMA International 2014 which marked an extension of the Merlo range of machines designed to perform operations in various sectors of the market with reduced fuel consumption, elevated performance and safety

Italy – Finland: 4,000 Km with a Merlo "number plate"

A 4,000 km journey from Italy to Finaland, this is the travel started by Leo Terquijeff, a Rotator employee, the historical importer of the Merlo brand in Finland. Leo has a great passion for his work and is a...

The TF 40.7 Hybrid and the TF 42.7, great winners marking Merlo's 50th

Two prizewinning machines at Agritechnica underscoring the level reached by the technological department of Merlo which this year celebrates its fifties anniversary

Future Farming? The Electric Tractor

Electrically powered tractors and other vehicles, small and large, are one of farming's new frontiers from wagons for fruit to small robots for park and orchard/vineyard maintenance with the aim to make farms self-sufficient for their energy

Merlo, advanced systems and new products in the range

The new products presented at Agritechnica 2013 by Merlo are the achievements of a new production system. All the innovations unwrapped in Hanover will become available across the entire range of telescopic handlers manufactured by the Piedmont company, beginning with the Turboframer and the Multifarmer

Hanover awards finest innovations

Agritechnica is awarding 4 gold medals and 33 silvers to the most innovative products and systems in the field of agricultural mechanics entered in the competition for the 2013 edition. Outstanding among the prize winning innovations is the Hybrid built by Merlo, a successful combination of energy savings, eco-compatibility and flexibility in operations

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