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Turbofarmer II by Merlo takes centre stage in Bologna

The motor update to the range is a very challenging step in the innovation process of the machinery. Merlo chose EIMA International to present the new range of telehandlers equipped with new-generation engines

by the editorial staff
December 2016 | Back

The Merlo company took centre stage at EIMA 2016 with its new cabins and new Stage IV engines for the Turbofarmers. The watchwords of the innovations presented by the company from Cuneo: safety, ease and convenience of use, in addition to compliance with regulatory requirements also in terms of engines. To comply with Stage IV regulations, the Piedmont company presents the SCR with DOC. This strategic choice involves the use of Deutz TCD 3.6 100 kW engines with DOC/SCR. The versions with the old 120 hp engine change to 136 hp, with a significant increase in power. This engine will equip Turbofarmer II 38.10 and 42.7, which also features a new bonnet design. It does not sacrifice visibility while making space for the SCR/DOC device, with a new air intake point protected against dust and allowing the internal mounting of the cyclonic pre-filter. The maximum speed of the hydrostatic transmission is 40 km/h, both for the classic two-speed and the prized CVTronic, which remains an option for those who want a continuously variable transmission. The EPD has been optimized thanks to the additional electronic implementation, whose standard PLUS version includes an ECO mode, Speed ​​Control function, and the new Heavy Load function. The entire powertrain has been optimized based on the increased performance to ensure adequate durability. The cabin that has been used thus far for all new Merlo modulars will come in an Eco version, simplified compared to the previous one for all those users who do not need a monitor to control the DLC (Dynamic Load Control). The basic structure remains that of earlier versions, with the ROPS-FOPS Level II approvals as standard features. The CDC has been implemented with an automatic recognition of the standard equipment, automatic enabling of the free working area when you install a excavation bucket, simplifying and making these operations more dynamic. The CDC control screen will always be available as an option. There are updates that go in the same direction as the Turbofarmer II also for the Turbofarmer Medium Duty and Compact Duty models, with the addition of the new ECO cab and Deutz 3.6 Stage IV engines, which provide 85 kW of power and adopt the SCR/DOC system without DPF. The bonnet is the same as the Turbofarmer II, with all the advantages deriving from it in terms of availability of spare parts and implementation. The powertrain includes new axles with epicycloidal gearboxes, which equip both Medium TF3 and TF33.9 models and Compact models (TF33.7 and TF30.9), with the only difference that the overall width of the smaller models is equal to 2.100 mm, increasing to 2.240 for the larger ones. The CS suspended cabin is also available for the Medium Duty range (in conjunction with the premium outfitted version). Meanwhile, the Compact range offers the option of having the L version (Low Profile) with the same cabin (thus maintaining the option of approval as an agricultural tractor for those who work in this sector), but simply mounted lower down, reaching a maximum height of 2,020 mm.

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