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BFM offers the first electric multi-blade trimmer

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2024 | Back

BFM offers the market the first electric multi-blade trimmer. CM-SNE, this is the name of the equipment, is the evolution of the conventional CM-SN model, of which it retains all the construction and performance characteristics. The designers of the Piedmontese company - the headquarters are located in Canale, among the Unesco heritage Roero hills - have developed an all-electric power supply system, both for the operation of the motors, which allow the rotation of the blades, and for the handling. The machine can be used on any type of tractor, just connect it to the battery (12V). This allows important fuel savings and the elimination of any problems caused by overheating of the implement and the tractor's hydraulic system, avoiding oil leaks on the ground and thus improving the sustainability of the work. Like the CM-SN model, the CM-SNE trimmer is a lightweight yet very robust machine, designed without sliding parts to reduce wear and vibration. The equipment - says Fabrizio Bertoluzzo, CEO of BFM - adapts to any pruning requirement. In fact, the synchronised pantograph handling system increases the speed of movement both in confined spaces and over larger areas, with the opening from the centre of the tractor varying from 0.55 to 1.55 metres while the ground clearance adjustment is up to 3.20 metres. The blades, made of wear-resistant stainless steel, are shaped to create a suction effect that optimises the quality of the cut. They are also mirror-polished to reduce sap deposition that could limit machine performance. Thanks to the special design of the blades - Bertoluzzo further explains - the sap slides off, thus ensuring a precise cut throughout.

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