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MF44 telehandler, a restyling for Stage V

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2022 | Back

Along with the launch of its new Stage V engines-the power unit is a 4,500 cc FPT delivering 170 horsepower with Doc and Dpf-Merlo of San Defendente (Cuneo) has updated the profile of its MF44 telehandler range. The chassis is new and now features an extended wheelbase (3 cm longer than the previous version), and an innovative boom geometry placed higher to improve the angle of the lifting cylinders. The arrangement adopted by the Piedmontese manufacturer provides increased lifting capacity (400 kilograms more, according to the company) and longer pin and bushing lifespan. Further changes included the oil tank, which was moved from its original position on the side along the chassis to the front of the machine, and the Merlo MH01 hydraulic distributor, now located at the rear of the vehicle (previously, it was under the cab). As the manufacturer explains, the hydraulic distributor has been expressly designed to increase thermal efficiency and improve oil flow. Inside the cab, the Cuneo-based company has provided a new user interface with a capacitive joystick attached to the armrest; the joystick also includes controls to stop raft rotation and send oil to the auxiliaries. Still on the driver's seat, Merlo has upgraded the safety system with a new ASCS, including all of its features, from work area adjustment to hydraulic speed. It is worth mentioning that to ensure a higher level of safety, the company from San Defente has introduced a dual control for equipment release that the operator can activate only using both hands.


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