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Innovative technologies to counter climate change

The development of innovative machines and cultivation techniques is the most effective weapon to combat the effects of global warming. From precision agriculture and biotechnology, a first response to drought and rising temperatures. The route is long but the road seems clear

Climate change and urban greenery

High temperatures, prolonged droughts, extreme weather events. Cities are increasingly vulnerable and exposed to the effects of climate change, but careful design of urban greenery can help mitigate them, reducing - for example - the heat island and improving water resource management

Glasgow COP26: an uphill stage

While setting out very important principles, the climate conference in Scotland appears to be non-binding on timetables and targets. The targets become more ambitious, while the timetables become looser. The general feeling is that we will have to wait until next year's COP27 in Egypt to find out how to meet the 1.5 °C limit

Drought: global warming towards new records

The increase in global average temperatures has been ongoing since 1976, with increasing anomalies.The trend also affects Italy, which is located in a particularly fragile region, the Mediterranean, from a climatic point of view. In the Peninsula, the increase in temperatures is accompanied by a rainfall deficit

Bioeconomy challenges climate change

During the recent COP 23, special attention was paid to bioeconomy as a key strategy to fight global warming. High-level ministers and representatives of member – countries of the "Biofuture Platform" – also joined by Italy and India – have signed a declaration of intent to support the sustainable development of bioproducts and bioenergy. Investing in renewable sources is the challenge for the decarbonization of future economy

COP21 Paris, for a global agreement

The first great result of the 21st Paris Conference of Parties on climate change was the large participation of countries from all continents. All attendees agreed on the path to follow in order to save the Planet, although it still takes time and much effort by polititians to define the necessary measures aimed at gradually abandoning fossil fuels usage in favour of renewable sources and green economy

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