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The high performance of Trion combine harvesters

by the editorial staff
March - April 2024 | Back

The TRION self-levelling combine harvesters are renewed to offer even higher performance on sloping terrain. Available in the 5 and 6 straw walker configuration, and in the hybrid version with single or double rotor, the Claas self-levelling machines are compatible with different types of cutting platform (CERIO, VARIO, MAXFLEX, CONVIO) and are equipped with APS technology. The APS system, which stands out for its 450 mm acceleration cylinder and the large 600 mm threshing drum, determines a homogeneous feed flow and a high threshing capacity. The three segments of the APS MULTICROP have been designed for the collection of different types of products and can be quickly replaced from the front of the machine if necessary. The main concave has been redesigned to be equipped with different types of grids that can be removed very quickly from the side of the machine. To meet production needs, all TRIONs are equipped with the JET STREAM cleaning device with turbine fans, hydraulic fan variator, and pre-cleaning drop device with dual airflow. Management of residues in the field is entrusted to the SPECIAL CUT straw chopper with 72 knives: the residue spreading width and their direction can be adjusted manually or electrically. Both the standard and radial distributors can be equipped with a launch direction adjustment, which in case of side wind or slopes, automatically adjusts the distribution based on the settings, so that it is always uniform. All TRION combines are powered by new generation Cummins six-cylinder engines with Common Rail components. The engines work at nominal speeds reduced to 1,900 rpm which, during transport, are reduced to 1,650 rpm, guaranteeing silence and fuel savings. The engine is equipped with DYNAMIC POWER, i.e. an automatic power adaptation system. For example, when used without a straw chopper, when all the engine power is not needed, DYNAMIC POWER reduces the power supplied and consequently fuel consumption. Another strong point of the TRION series is the new cab, now more spacious while the large windscreen, side windows and thinner pillars improve the front view. The 12-inch CEBIS Terminal with HD Display ensures optimal readability in all light conditions and offers three different views, individually adjustable. The functions can be managed via touch and knob/button. In addition, all the functions of the threshing and cleaning system can be adjusted directly by using the buttons located on the armrest console. Thanks to their innovative levelling system, the TRIONs offer top-level performance with lateral slopes of up to 38%, 32% uphill, 11% downhill.

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