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Florix, delicate and effective processes

by Giacomo Di Paola
March - April 2024 | Back

Florix is a flower thinning machine developed by Rinieri of Forlì in collaboration with the Trentino startup Agroxx. This is an innovative mechanical vehicle which, as the manufacturer from Romagna region explains, eliminates excess flowers delicately and precisely, fully respecting the environment since it allows the use of chemical products to be reduced, if not completely eliminated. In fact, Florix is equipped with a system of movable arms which, patented by Agroxx, guarantees delicate and uniform interventions, working both on the external part and at the centre of the plant. Unlike other models on the market, which are characterised by a central fixed rotating structure on which the tools are applied, Florix stands out precisely for its articulated arms (they work autonomously) which penetrate deeper into the leaves, improving the effectiveness of thinning. The machine developed by Rinieri and Agroxx is offered with two different configurations. The basic version comes with a central fixed frame, the same as the Rinieri CRF pruner, with hydraulic lifting, tilting and lateral movement, to which the support bar with the mobile arms (8, 10 or 12) is connected; however, the Florix Plus version is equipped with 10 arms and a special frame, which is in turn equipped with an integrated locking system that allows the machine to be transported more easily on the road.


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