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Easy-Ride by Rinieri, the automatic driving system for orchards

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

Easy-Ride is a patented automatic driving system for Turbo inter-row cultivators with weeder blade, designed to facilitate the operator's interventions, measuring the distance from the plant and automatically correcting the position of the working head.

Thanks to the use of the Easy-Ride system, developed by Rinieri of Forlì and awarded as a technical innovation at the EIMA 2021 Technical Innovation Competition, the inter-row system will always be in the optimal working position. The system consists of a control box that the operator activates from the cabin; once inserted, it not only automatically detects the distance from the plant at the time of tilling - by means of the feeler and various sensors - but also stores it in memory, adjusting it every time it passes a new plant, thanks to the lateral displacement jack. If the feeler is not in contact with the plants and is therefore unable to assess the optimum distance, it will make a shift of 2 or 3 centimetres for 3 consecutive plants until it has established a new full contact.

Thanks to the technology developed by Rinieri, the operator does not have to constantly monitor the distance to the plant and then intervene to adjust it for any deviations. This makes driving faster (maximum speed of 10 km/h) and easier, especially on uneven ground. Also on display on the Rinieri stand at the Bologna exhibition, the TURBO digging unit with weeder blade on a frame mounted on the front or rear lift; it comes with a trolley with adjustable wheels and a front furrow-opening disc.


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