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Weeding with fertilisation: the UNICA PVI system

by the editorial staff
March - April 2024 | Back

Combined effect for the UNICA PVI mechanical weeder, which can be fitted with fertiliser distributors to combine the practice of inter-row weeding with that of fertilisation in order to optimise operations for weed control. Produced by MaterMacc of San Vito al Tagliamento in the province of Pordenone, UNICA PVI offers fertilisation with tanks from 215 to 1,000 litres, VARIOVOLUMEX volumetric dosing units and burial of the fertiliser. In the classic version with mechanical drive, the fertiliser distribution is regulated by a knob located on the side of the hopper. Instead, in the advanced version with electric motor, the fertiliser dosage is set in the cab by the tractor, entering the desired value on the MIPLUS control system screen. The more experienced can directly connect their smartphone to the MIPLUS system to set and read the fertiliser distribution values on their mobile phone.A further version present in the MaterMacc catalogue is the UNICA weeder in the Easy-Set version, where fertilisation is carried out with a stainless steel MIDI tank which has a pneumatic flow for each row. This simplifies the transformation of the rows of the weeder, for example when switching from an 8x75 cm version to a 12x45 cm one: in this case, in fact, it is enough to simply add the flexible hoses to the distribution heads and position the fertiliser drop point on the rows at work.

Those looking for greater operation for fertiliser distribution can make use of the 1,800 litre SVA front hopper, which can also be used for sowing cereals. Finally, for the distribution of fertiliser in liquid form, the UNICA PVI weeder can be combined with the 800 litre FTS front tank.


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