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The complete MaterMacc range in the Umbrian fields

The field tests of Casalina di Deruta give space to the MaterMacc seeders, with all the most representative models of a wide and varied catalogue. This range was designed by the Friulian company to meet all the production needs of operators in the primary sector

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

MaterMacc technologies for sowing feature prominently in Casalina di Deruta. The following are the applications presented at the EIMA Show by the company based in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone).

Grano Combi 300. This is an in-line mechanical seeder for grains (but also rapeseed, soybean, alfalfa and fodder crops), combined with a rotary harrow (MK 150/270 model) with single disc, a system which ensures optimal penetration of the seeding elements in heavy soils, maintaining a constant working depth. Compact and agile in its manoeuvres, the Grano Combi 300 is available with a 3 m working width and a 12.5 cm inter-row single coulter. We should mention the Packer roller with a diameter of 500 mm - very versatile and suitable for the combination with the seeder - ideal for most soils.

MSD 2.0 Elektro 50. In this case it is an in-line pneumatic seeder for sowing grains, forage and rapeseed on processed or semi-processed soils. The working widths range from 5 to 6 m with a minimum standard inter-row of 12.5 cm (greater inter-rows are available on request). The 4 dosage controllers are driven by an electric motor and managed through the MaterMacc X4 seeding monitor, designed to quickly and intuitively modify the sowing procedures. Moreover, thanks to the monitor, the user can control the seeding flow for each section of the machine.

MSD 2.0 Combi 300. This is a pneumatic in-line seeder for grains, combined with a MK 270 double disc rotary harrow with depth gauge wheel. It has a working width between 3 and 3.5 m, with a minimum inter-row of 12.5 cm, and is equipped with dosage controllers driven by an electric motor and controlled by the MaterMacc X4 seeding monitor. As in the case of the Grano Combi 300 model, the teeth of the MSD 2.0 Combi harrow ensure optimum penetration in heavy soils, maintaining a constant working depth while the Packer roller (550 mm) - very versatile and suitable for combining with the seeder - is ideal for most soils.

MBS EVO. This is a line of mounted sprayers, with a main tank of 800, 1000 and 1200 litres and with a 120-litre flush tank; a third 20-litre tank is designed for hand washing. The constructive solutions of these models include a high-strength steel frame (subjected to cataphoresis process and powder coating compatible with liquid fertilization treatments), hydraulically driven spraying bars (12, 15, 16 and 18 m working widths), and aluminium arms with jets inside them. We should also mention the hydropneumatic and self-levelling pendulum cushioning system, equipped with springs and shock absorbers with an automatic hydraulic locking system.

Mek X. A mechanical grain seeder with a lug coulter, it has been specially designed for sowing (grains, rapeseed, soybean, alfalfa, and other forage crops) on soils with minimal processing. It is a compact and agile application in its manoeuvres, offered by MaterMacc with working widths from 2.5 to 4 m. Also available in a towed version and with a double tank (seed + fertilizer).

MS 8230 8 rows. Single-germ pneumatic seeder with seed distribution system and inter-row variation patented by Matermacc. Thanks to a hydraulic device, the 8-row version can close to 2.54 m. The frame design is cutting-edge, making it one of the lightest machines in its class.

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