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Seeders, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders: the whole Matermacc range

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2016 | Back

Full hand of new offerings at EIMA International 2016 for Matermacc, which is part of the Lovol Arbos Group. In the field of plant protection treatments, the MBS on-board sprayer will be on show, available in three different configurations with 800, 1000 and 1200 nominal litre tanks, and in working widths of 12, 15, 16, 18 metres on 5 or 7 boom sections. All MBS models are equipped as standard with a management monitor and ISOBUS technology, and with a diaphragm pump with a rated load capacity of 168 litres per minute (the 200 litre per minute model is optional). The new Matermacc sprayers are also characterized by their high-resistance steel frame treated with cataphoresis and powder coating, to ensure maximum grip on any surface. The range of fertilizer spreaders see the debut of two new series. The MMX dual-disk models, suitable for spreading granular, powder, and pelleted chemical fertilizers, can achieve a spreading width of 36 metres, while the MCA models, also dual-disk, have a spreading width of up to 24 metres. Several configurations are available by load capacity and type of product to be spread. As explained by the manufacturer, the MCA Series is designed to offer high-level quality standards thanks to the cataphoresis treatment and the powder coating, together with on-board electronics that provide electro-hydraulic cylinders for opening the shutters, and four dynamic load cells to always have precise spreading. Both MMX and MCA support the Elektro system, with which it is possible to automatically adjust the opening of the metering sections based on the speed of the tractor and the actual running characteristics of the mineral fertilizers used in the fertilization. Thanks to the automatic filtering, the four load cells calculate the different characteristics of the fertilizer with maximum precision and reliability even while moving. Finally, in the sowing sector, the spotlights are on the MS 8230, which are presented with a restyling of the sowing element, now more ergonomic and more capacious, to ensure an even greater working range. 


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