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Irrigamatic, irrigation by Matermacc

by the editorial staff
May - June 2022 | Back

Making the most of water, through irrigation machines and systems. It is with this objective in mind that Matermacc offers to the market the electric control units of the Irrigamatic range, applicable on self-propelled sprinklers. In particular, the advanced systems of the Friuli-based manufacturer - based in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) - include the Irrigamatic B and Irrigamatic NET products. The former is characterised by a user-friendly interface, based on a backlit graphic display and six scroll buttons. The setting of the control parameters is organised with a menu to ensure simple and safe automatic management of the machine - reads a company note. The operator can automatically control various tasks, such as the measurement of the unwound and rewound tube, but can also set the start and end time, as well as the start and end break time (0 to 120 minutes). With the interface it is also possible to adjust the working speed from 1 to 4 sectors (from 4 to 850 m/h), set the watering time, activate the crop overflow function for targeted interventions, set the second spray in three different modes (time, space and final pause). With the MTR expansion wiring, for machines with hydraulic retraction, the control unit allows the motor to switch on - only when the hose is retrieved, during the irrigation phase - and to switch off - at the end of the cycle or in the event of alarms during the work phase (e.g. no pressure) - all automatically. Irrigamatic NET has the same features as the B version but, compared to this, it can be managed remotely thanks to connection with the new MM Connecta web app compatible with Android and IoS systems.


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