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Umbria event, MaterMacc on stage

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2017 | Back

The MaterMacc team arrived at the EIMA Show fully prepared to lead off with the MBS Series of mounted sprayers built with high-resistance steel and equipped with robust hydraulic spray booms and tanks with nominal capacities of 800, 1,000 and 1,200 liters according to the model. The Friulana manufacturer also put on show the MSD 2.0 pneumatic seed drill range for cereals with 4 dispensers powered by electric motor and controlled by the innovative MaterMacc X4 sowing monitor. In this series the company in San Vito al Tagliamento markets and MSD 2.0 COMBI combined seed drill with a power harrow equipped with rotating discs for a high productivity regime. The AS-UST precision pneumatic seed drill is built for minimum tilling and no-tilling farming and is available with hoppers with 450 to 600 liter capacities. The restyled MS 8230 vacuum precision planter now features a fertilizer hopper in plastic and an App option for managing the machine. In the sector of fertilizer spreaders is the MaterMacc with spreading width from 10 to 24 meters and the MMD and MMX with spreader width from 18 to 36 meters as well as the MCA Electro version equipped with automatic filtering with four load cells to calculate the different fertilizers – granular, powder and chemical pellets – with extreme accuracy and control dosage according to tractor speed. Also up for mention in the soil preparation sector is the compact Trimax disc harrow built by the Danish company DAL-BO and given exclusive distribution in Italy to MaterMacc.


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