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MaterMacc, cutting-edge seeding technology

by the editorial staff
December 2022 | Back

Among the many new products presented at EIMA by MaterMacc, we must mention in particular the new MS9100 precision seed drill, equipped with the new MS9000 seeding unit. which stands out for its functional design and its ability to operate with both minimum tillage and seeding on hard ground. It is therefore a multi-purpose machine offering a maximum load capacity of 250 kilogrammes equipped with the EVO seeding unit, which is electrically driven and allows seeding speeds of up to 14 km/h while maintaining high precision, thanks to the ISOBUS connection. In addition, the MS9000 records seeding data, maintaining a seeding history and thus optimising future seeding. The Friuli-based company - based in San Vito al Tagliamento in the province of Pordenone - also presented the MS8230 ELEKTRO seed drill with Refill system during the five-day event in Bologna. Equipped with an "easy-set" frame and automatic row spacing setting, the MS8230 ELEKTRO is a folding machine in five sections for road transport, with a footprint of 3.2 metres and a working width of 9 metres. The novelty presented at the Bologna event is the Refill system, a seed reserve device, supplied by a front hopper that automatically refills the rear seed drills with the help of sensors and electronically monitored valves. Another machine on show at EIMA 2022 is the UNICA PVI EASY SET weeder, equipped with the rapid row spacing adjustment system and presented with the innovative automatic steering configuration. The operating heart of the machine is the optical recognition system that allows it to detect, using an independent cross-sectional movement operated by a hydraulic system applied to the counterframe, the strips of soil to be worked. Lastly, we must mention the MiPlus Eva (Enhanced Vocal Assistant), i.e. the possibility of integrating the electronic distribution control system (seeding, fertiliser, microgranular products) developed by Matermacc, with voice command activation. This true voice assistant allowed MaterMacc to win the 2022 Technical Innovation Award at EIMA.


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