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Checchi & Magli, the versatility of Seedpro

by Roberto Bonora
November 2023 | Back

Transplanting or seeding with a single machine. That's the versatile proposal from Checchi & Magli, which at Agritechnica presents the Seedpro solution, to be combined with Wolf Pro and Smartwolf transplanters.

The pneumatic, electric or cardan shaft driven system is equipped with a depressor capable of discharging seeds directly into the transplanter's perforating cups.

Thanks to a series of discs with different sized holes depending on the seed to be used, Seedpro can be used with different types of seeds: pumpkin, tomato, melon, zucchini, watermelon or corn.

The seeding/transplanting transition is quick and easy and is convenient for farmers who alternate between transplanting and seeding according to the season, whether on mulch or bare ground. Also for Seedpro, as for Wolf Pro and Smartwolf, users have the electrical system for synchronized plant/plant and now seed/seed watering.

Qubik now also self-propelled

Another relevant new feature is the Qubik transplanter self-propelled version designed with the aim of increasing productivity in transplanting pressed cubes without the use of a tractor.

The hydrostatic transmission allows progressive forward speed control via joystick, with corresponding touch screen display to control each function.

The four-wheel drive combined with the ability to lock the differential allows work on all types of terrain and slopes, while the high turning radius and small wheelbase allow maneuvering in very small spaces.

As with the 3-point version, the self-propelled Qubik is also equipped with a farmflex front roller for soil preparation and leveling and by linear actuators that adjust the transplanting depth for optimum ground adaptation. In addition, the depth can be kept constant by an optional self-levelling device positioned between the roller and transplanting unit.

The self-propelled Qubik has a tray shelf that extends the full length and width of the machine, with a fixed front section and a hydraulically adjustable tilt rear section. This makes it easier for operators to insert cubes into the conveyors, which are then placed on the floor by electropneumatic grippers.

A multifunction digital panel for parameter control completes the basic equipment of the machine, which can be enriched with optional extras such as a climatic cover and folding side platforms for crate storage.


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