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The Dual 12 Compact by Checchi & Magli, agile and efficient

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2014 | Back

The countdown has begun for Checchi & Magli to unveil their Dual 12 Compact transplanter in Bologna at the upcoming EIMA International. The most recent machine developed by the manufacturer in Budrio is based on the Dual 12 Gold semiautomatic model especially distinguished by the ability to regulate row width from 25 to 30 centimeters making the transplanter ideal for operations for such crops as lettuce in two paired rows. For the features of the Dual 12 Compact, the plant magazine is remarkable for the component’s decidedly compact size of only 125 centimeters long weighing only 180 kg making it possible for the machine to operate on very soft and dry soil, on slopes and raised transplant beds. The transplant units are equipped with 12 continuously rotating cups with opening bottoms designed to optimize productivity in transplanting as well as for operator comfort. A device allows the operator to regulate the drop time of the transplants into the furrow to ensure precise and continuous bedding even at a high speed of work. On the same issue of bedding, two rubber flex packing wheels 33 cm in diameter combined with a system for the regulation of the tooth wheels guarantee a correct performance of this procedure. As featured for the Dual 12 Gold and Top 24 transplanter models, also the Dual 12 Compact makes it possible for a single operator to simultaneously fill two paired rows of transplants for production of around 4000/5000 plants/hour per operator.

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