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Italian market still in a negative phase

There is no turnaround for the declining agricultural machinery market which, in the wake of a 4.4% decrease in sales in 2014, disclosed registration figures all down for tractors, transporters and trailers for January through May 2015. The ongoing trend was confirmed by data elaborated by FederUnacoma, the reference to a relatively small number of units

Tractors of the Year: Magnum 380 CVX by Case IH

The Magnum 380 CVX by Case IH was named Tractor of the Year 2015. The award ceremony was held last November 12th in the setting of EIMA International 2014. The Magnum 380 CVX was identified by 23 independent agricultural journalists...

Bertoni's T6, the eco-compatible sprayer

Awarded at Eima International with a technical recommendation, the T6 is a tunnel sprayer designed by Bertoni from Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) to make phytosanitary treatments of six rows and work in crops with an inter-row distance up to one meter....

The Dual 12 Compact by Checchi & Magli, agile and efficient

The countdown has begun for Checchi & Magli to unveil their Dual 12 Compact transplanter in Bologna at the upcoming EIMA International. The most recent machine developed by the manufacturer in Budrio is based on the Dual 12 Gold semiautomatic...

Soil preparation without plowing withj the full Dondi range

The Dondi range of agricultural machine is geared to soil preparation without plowing to reduce work time, cut fuel and maintenance costs and fully respect the environment. Leading the way in this field are the manufacturer’s combined subsoilers for working...

Gramegna spading machines, great performance even

New machinery in the sector of soil preparation arriving from Gramegna – a manufacturer in Borni, near Pavia, specialized in spading machines, shredder mulchers and rotary hoes – preparing to unveil a new line of spading machines built for big...

Top performance with new Alpego rollers

An operating system based on a parallelogram for guaranteeing optimum position for the pair of rollers; stud bolts for the regulation of inclination; oversize bearings and supports with the diameter of 45 mm; side boards; twin rollers with the diameter...

Tecnomeccanica srl: innovation and safety

The Turin company has risen to the fore in the Turin industrial district through the manufacturer's application of innovative to production. Tecnomeccanica machinery is known for reliability and durability and especially for great attention to the safety of the operator

Fratelli Ambeni: Craftsmen mechanics of high quality

The company headquartered in Pavia, specializing in groundskeeping machinery, has remained loyal to the Ambeni Brothers' tradition of avoiding the big numbers in favor of building strongly customized products to the highest standards of quality

Performance and maneuverability for the new Scorpion range by Claas

The restyled line of telescopic handlers by the German manufacturer now brings together three compacts and three high performance models. Debuting across the entire Scorpion range are a redesigned heavy-duty chassis, a protection system which checks overloading and new low emissions engines

Innovative solutions for the Magni telescopic handlers

Cabs without a control panel, an intelligent stabilizing system and the quick and safe fit of accessories to the boom head are only a few of the technologies Magni Telescopic Handlers is bringing out with the debut of the RTH handlers range

Drift Recovery: eco-sustainable mist-sprayers from Agricolmeccanica

Respect for the environment, assurance of full conformity with regulations on polluting emissions, lowing the cost of operations by reducing the quantity of the plant treatment product, high quality operation thanks to fan regulation and option to spray in the...

Efficient and fast storage system from Annovi Aldo

New from Annovi Aldo for Fieragricola is a high yield system for the storage of grain devised by the company in Corlo di Formigine for the purpose of guaranteeing great speed at 2.2 tons per hour in the transfer of...

High-tech suspensions for new Caron off-road vehicles

Technological innovation is at home in the Fieragricola exhibition area taken over by Caron in Pianezza where the manufacturer is launching a new series of off-road vehicles, the CTS and CTA with power at up to 110 HP and...

High technology for FPAevolution transplanters

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's most recent arrival is the FPAevolution transplanter, a machine based on a vertical rotation cup system suitable for planting sods with different shapes and dimensions of up to 8 cm per side on bare soil and, especially,...

John Deere round baler for big, medium and small spreads

On the eve of Fieragricola John Deere reported the launch of two new fixed chamber balers F440E and F450E built to extend the U.S. manufacturer's 400 series, a wide baler range developed for meeting the requirements of small and...

M6060 and M7060: Kubota tractors with respect for the environment

The restyled Kubota M6060 and M7060 tractors following rigorous redesigning by the Japanese manufacture are turning up at Fieragricola with a host of new features, beginning with their engines. For these models, Kubota is unwrapping the Common Rail system...

Fruit harvesters: a complete range from N.Blosi

An ample range of self-propelled and towed fruit harvesters built by N.Blosi in Ravenna and other best sellers, including single platform and elevated two platform versions, will be featured at Fieragricola. The manufacturer's flagship line is the Zip with two...

Negri's solutions for the treatment of vegetable residues

The Negri ranges of bioshredders and chippers will be in the foreground at Fieragricola led off by the P70E chipper model built by the manufacturer in Campitello, near Mantua, for chipping vegetable materials for the production of pellets. The...

Electronically controlled cab: the new concept from Sgariboldi

The prototype cab coming up for a preview at Fieragricola ahead of the final version built by Sgariboldi may well set a new standard of reference for the  manufacturer in Codogno, in the Lombardy Region, specializing in cutter-mixer wagons....

Elektra, the high tech vacuum planter by Sfoggia

Sfoggia in Montebelluna, near Treviso, a manufacturer specializing in planters and seed drills, is keeping its appointment at Fieragricola with the presentation of the Elektra, a precision vacuum planter equipped with a new electronic device, a touch screen control for...

Idromeccanica Bertolini in New Delhi with a complete range of pumps

Idromeccanica Bertolini headquartered in Reggio Emilia, founded back in 1918, is arriving at Eima Agrimach with selections from their range of diaphragm pumps built for the agricultural operations of plant treatment and fertilization, spraying and weeding. In the low pressure...

Selvatici's solutions for Italian farmers

Selvatici in Bologna will take the stage at Eima Agrimach for the presentation of their flagship 1105 model spading machine in the 150.75 Series. This robust and compact machine is equipped with five spades and works on a width of...

A complete range of sprayes from Idroget

The Cesena manufacturer can vaunt a catalogue containing sprayers groups, fan groups and sprayer booms and especially a full lineup of high performance sprayers designed for ensuring precision plant treatment, flexibility in operations and safety

High-Performance Harrows: Alpego's DmaX and RM

A recognised international name in tilling and related operations, Alpego from Gambellara near Vicenza in northern Italy is using Agritechnica 2013 for the debut of two new harrows.The DmaX is designed for professionals and is derived from the efficient and...

BCS: company's first hydraulic mower At Agritechnica

A great novelty debuting for BSC, the Italian maker of mowers and the like from Abbiategrasso near Milan, is the company's first hydraulically powered mower, the 660 WS HY.With a front power takeout for frontally mounted tools, the operator can...

New versatile and efficient road sweepers from Bellon Mit

Extended production range for the Padua based Bellon Mit. The Veneto company has chosen the Hanover exhibition to present its extended offering of road sweepers. The first machines to make their debut are the two front tractor-mounted models – TSPS...

Dondi: whole gamut tillage, and more

Whatever your problem in tillage, working the soil or many other tasks, it's worth wondering what the Umbrian company Dondi has to offer.The company's products for farmers range from sub-soilers to multi-tine cultivators, minimum tillage chisels and a new cultivator...

Irrigation with Irrimec: the MDT8/2

The countdown is on for Irrimec's new self-propelled irrigation unit to be unveiled at Hanover's Agritechnica 2013 fair: a larger version of the MDT8 called the MDT8/2, for use on large surface areas with a high-resistance double rack and pinion...

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