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A complete range of sprayes from Idroget

The Cesena manufacturer can vaunt a catalogue containing sprayers groups, fan groups and sprayer booms and especially a full lineup of high performance sprayers designed for ensuring precision plant treatment, flexibility in operations and safety

by Giacomo Di Paola
december 2013 | Back

Idroget in Cesena has achieved top flight status in its industrial district through the production of a complete range of machines for plant protection. Outstanding are the Idroget mistblowers led by the new Euroline and Europoly Series designed especially for farms geared to high yield, flexibility and reliability as well as precision for plant treatment operations and the safety of the operator at work. These machines are compact, equipped with high performance fan groups and large capacity tanks to ensure optimum performance for operations in any type of tree crop. The manufacturer has grouped six models in these series, four in the Europoly line with tank capacities ranging from 600 to 1,500 liters and power requirements from 30 to 65 hp and two in the Euroline which provide greater autonomy with tanks of 1,580 or 2,120 liters and require greater power, 70 hp for both. Similar features are found in the new Polyeco 600 and 1000 requiring power at 30 to 45 hp and mount tanks of 690 and 1,090 liters. The Eurotieffe line, on the other hand, runs to three models with tank capacities from 1,160 to 2,180 liters and powered at between 60 and 70 hp for the most high performance operations. These models are available in versions for espalier plantings and container-grown and fruit tree plantations. The former is equipped with variable speed axial fans, counter-rotating and independent, each of which sprays one side of the plant. With four deflectors, two per side, the work width can be regulated according to the targets to be covered. The task of making the airflow uniform at various heights is handled by fixed position deflectors inside the fan group which play the role of distributors while nozzles of the same diameter with calibrated holes ensure the uniform distribution of the chemicals. The amount of the liquid sprayed at constant pressure is optimized thanks to a flow regulator. Eurotieffe mistblowers for espalier plantations make it possible to not only spray the trees in a targeted and uniform way for improving cover to the lower leaves of foliage to reduce loss of the product to the ground and drift but also to reduce chemical residues on the fruit and to spray low, medium and high volumes. These features enable the machine to be used in the highest rows as well. The Eurotieffe mistblowers for container-grown trees share many of the features of the espalier versions and differ in the number of mobile deflectors, two rather than four, for operations on extremely thick foliage typical of olive, cheery and other fruit trees which makes it difficult to provide optimum penetration of the crowns. The towed 125 Tn mistblower mounted on the tractor PTO is noteworthy for the machine's excellent airflow and ensuring high level performance with a power requirement of only 20 hp. Among the other positive features of the machine is the decidedly compact design of the tank in reinforced fiberglass with a 500 liter capacity and with total tank emptying thanks to which the mistblower can easily penetrate the thickest foliage. Power is also reduced to the minimum of 30 to 50 hp for the three RVS models with tank capacities of 600 to 1,000 liters, built with the same architecture of the 125 Tn.


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