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BioAir sprayer targeted operations

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2023 | Back

It is called BioAir and is a sprayer suitable for treatments on small to medium-sized espalier vineyards. The machine, made by the Padua-based company Ideal (based in Castelbaldo), is able to perform effective and targeted work thanks to two stainless steel fans that, developed in height, deliver a high volume of air and allow the distribution of plant protection products in a localised manner. The configuration of the two fans and the possibility of adjusting their position to bring them closer to the vegetation allow for a reduction in drift and, with it, the environmental impact of treatments. BioAir is available both in a carried version with polyethylene tanks from 200 to 600 litres, and in a towed version with tanks from 600 to two thousand litres, and is equipped with a tangential conveyor in hot-dip galvanised stainless steel, a hydraulic motor and a cooling circuit on the turbine. The frame is hot-dip galvanised, while the propeller blades are made of nylon glass. The configuration of the Ideal sprayer is completed by the 2-speed plus neutral gearbox, the double brass anti-drip jets, the hand-washing tank, the circuit rinsing device and the brass hand control unit to the tractor. The standard equipment includes the double self-cleaning filter, as well as the suction filter with valve; the diaphragm pump; the hydraulic agitator; the tie-rod kit with rollbar; the bumper; the drawbar with eye and the non-return valve for rinsing the circuit (ecological discharge) for the towed version only.


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