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Kubota's 'specialised' sprayers

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Kubota launches a new range of high value crop sprayers. Six models have been produced by the Japanese manufacturer - XTA21, XTA22, XTA24, XTA31, XTA33, XTA63 - designed to perform precise and sustainable treatments, modulated to the specific needs of different types of crops.

The strong points of the new Kubota models are the air unit (Qi), which ensures uniform coverage while reducing energy consumption (according to the manufacturer's data, it is possible to save up to 4 litres of fuel per hectare), and the H3O technology - available as an optional extra - which allows for optimised digitisation of treatments. Thanks to this technology, Kubota explains in a technical note, the sprayers work in an intelligent and connected way to perform precise applications according to the number of rows.

According to data reported by the Japanese company, the H3O sprayers significantly reduce spraying (by up to 50 per cent) and pesticide use (by up to 25 per cent). Kubota XT sprayers with H3O technology are managed through an intuitive and easy-to-use digital agronomic management platform, whereby treatments can be configured and sent directly to the user in the field, displaying the work order on the machine's interface. Thus, during the operational phase, the user can receive proactive alerts regarding speed, nozzle status, application volume, and avoid mistakes. Once the treatment is finished, all data is made available on the digital platform where the spraying details can be accessed.

This is very valuable data because, as the manufacturer explains, it allows for improved agronomic crop management. The new Kubota sprayers are already on the market in Spain and Portugal and will be launched in Italy, France and Poland by the end of 2022. Other European markets will follow from 2023.


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