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Kubota EK1 Series, versatility and power

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2024 | Back

Kubota completes the EK compact tractor range with the EK1-221, which is characterised by comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. The machine is equipped with a water-cooled, three-cylinder Mitsubishi Stage V engine with a power output of 22 hp/15.8 kW, and a 9 AV+3WD, 4WD gear transmission with side shift levers. Power and versatility make the EK1-221 an ideal machine for light-duty operations and work requiring a 540 and 540 ECO PTO. Despite its compact size, the tractor boasts an optimum loading capacity of up to 800 kilograms, made possible by a Mita three-point rear linkage (category 1 N). This feature allows the operator to use the EK1-221 with a wide range of equipment, such as trim mowers, small trailers and log splitters. Safety and driving comfort were the guidelines followed by Kubota engineers in the design of the model. In fact, the control levers to the right and left of the driver are arranged logically and ergonomically, and are colour-coded for immediate identification. They were also positioned so as not to obstruct access to the seat. On the latter, both the horizontal stroke and the suspension can be adjusted to suit the operator's weight. In addition, a safety device automatically switches off the engine after ten seconds if the driver is absent. The strength of the new Kubota tractor is its ease of maintenance, guaranteed by the one-piece fairing, which facilitates tool-free access to the engine. At the same time, the large radiator grille, which is easy to remove and clean, promotes good air flow. Finally, a sensor indicates when the air filter needs to be cleaned. The EK1-221 can be used for a wide range of tasks and offers three tyre options (agricultural, industrial, and turf); rear lights and front weights are available.


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