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Ze lawnmowers, operational autonomy in the foreground

by Emanuele Bredice
January 2024 | Back

Kubota offers the market a new generation of zero-turn electric lawnmowers. These are the Ze-421 and Ze-481 models, which are appreciated not only for their comfort and low noise and vibration levels, but also for their working autonomy. The Ze range, whose engineering development started in 2017, is in fact designed to work a full day, guaranteeing high cutting quality. At the heart of the mowers is the 48V/10 kW battery located at the rear of the machine, more or less where a conventional engine would be. This has the capacity for over 15,000 square metres of mowing operation (manufacturer's data) and can be removed quickly and easily. In addition, a second battery and a fitting trolley are supplied with the machine, increasing its operational autonomy. There are a total of three electric motors on the ZE mowers: two drive motors (one for each wheel) and one motor for the cutting deck. Moreover, the drive power of the cutting deck adapts to different working conditions and this optimises battery utilisation. In fact, the operator can choose between three working modes: ECO, Standard and Boost. The main difference lies in the blade speed and the mode can be set according to the work required. Among the Ze range's pluses is K-sense technology, which constantly monitors the forward rate to deck cutting speed. In fact, if working conditions were to obstruct the working plate, the forward speed would compensate and slow down to ensure the best possible cutting quality. Conversely, as the workload is reduced, the travel speed automatically increases. On Ze lawnmowers, driving comfort also takes centre stage thanks to the deluxe high-back seat with adjustment system, armrests and lumbar support.

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