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Blitz 55 sprayers, precise and intelligent

by Fabrizio Sereni
October 2023 | Back

A range of low volume trailed pneumatic sprayers designed for olive groves in the Mediterranean area. It is offered by the Pavia-based company CIMA (based in Montù Beccaria) with the Blitz 55 series models. This is a line of machines able to adapt to a wide variety of working situations, always offering high penetration and optimal coverage of the crop to be treated, thanks to the header called Olivo Doppia. The technology developed by the Lombardy company - explains the manufacturer - has been designed to the measure of the olive grove to treat the vegetation in a targeted and uniform manner, with a high level of effectiveness. In addition to the Olivo Doppia header, on the Blitz 55 series Cima has introduced another innovative solution, the VRT kit, which combines the techniques of precision farming with those of variable rate. Thanks to the VRT system, the Pavia-based company's sprayers can differentiate and adapt the volume of pesticide treatments according to the different areas of intervention, identifying the variability in the soil and intervening in a diversified manner through the preparation of prescription maps to use pesticides and water resources only where and when needed. The EPA 2.0 system, on the other hand, makes it possible to keep the dose of dispensed mixture constant as the speed of the tractor varies. In addition, EPA 2.0 records working data in real time, so at the end of the working day the operator can view the operational data and print out the relevant report, on whose basis decisions can be made to optimise time and resources.

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