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IDEAL combine harvesters: Massey Ferguson implements the range

2024 marks a major technological upgrade for Massey Ferguson’s IDEAL range of combine harvesters. The most significant innovation concerns the IDEAL 7 for high-capacity harvesting, equipped with an even more robust engine than the previous model. This is the 9.8-litre...

BioAir sprayer targeted operations

It is called BioAir and is a sprayer suitable for treatments on small to medium-sized espalier vineyards. The machine, made by the Padua-based company Ideal (based in Castelbaldo), is able to perform effective and targeted work thanks to two stainless...

Fendt high productivity combine harvesters

In the combine harvester sector, Fendt offers two high-performance machines. The 5275 C SL self-levelling model with 5 straw walkers was developed for working on very steep terrain. Indeed, thanks to the SuperLevel self-levelling system, the machine can work with...

Ideal, innovative technologies for crop protection

The Venetian company presents the main innovations regarding crop protection to the general public of EIMA International. This wide and diversified offering ranges from Save Drop misters to Loire sprayers, from the Perfection sprayers to the Poly misters

Ideal, innovation in plant protection treatments

The Paduan company Ideal (headquartered in Castelbaldo) attends the Hanover event with many new products. The following are the main ones. Drop Save is a certified Enama/Entam nebulizer that stands out for its innovative product recovery system. With Drop Save...

Ideal: a prestigious anniversary

Seventy years of business and a passion for innovation are the goal that Ideal, a company engaged in the design and construction of machines and equipment for the protection of agricultural crops, celebrates in Bari at Agrilevante. The company from...

Drop Save, the eco-friendly nebulizer by Ideal

With a recovery rate of up to 50% of the delivered liquid, Drop Save is a specific machine for the pesticide treatment of vineyards, showing the attention to technological innovation for environmental sustainability of the designers from Ideal of Castelbaldo...

Supra Maraichere, the flagship low volume sprayer from Ideal

Ideal in Castelbaldo near Padua has been designing and building machinery for plant treatment in vineyards and fruit orchards and open field weed control and is now in the avant-garde at the level of sustainability of the environment. For open...

Poly Super Plus, by Ideal agile and durable

It’s called Poly Super Plus, and it’s the new sprayer developed by Ideal (headquarters in Castelbaldo, in the province of Padua), a company specializing in the manufacture of applications for crop protection such as atomizers, sprayers, weeders, cannons and dusters....

Drop Save, the sprayer for product recovery from Ideal

Sprayers which recover plant treatment products are taking on ever greater importance on the market because they provide savings of product distributed of up to 50%. Since 2013, Ideal has meeting these requirements with their Drop Save nebulizer equipped with...

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