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Drop Save, the sprayer for product recovery from Ideal

by the editorial staff
January 2014 | Back

Sprayers which recover plant treatment products are taking on ever greater importance on the market because they provide savings of product distributed of up to 50%. Since 2013, Ideal has meeting these requirements with their Drop Save nebulizer equipped with four special panels raised on the left and right sides of rows to allow spraying operations on two rows with a single pass. For the Fieragricola 2014, Ideal will bring along the 1000 liter tank version of this innovative machine with a work width now lowered to two meters to make this recovery technology available for work in tight vineyard rows. Installed on each Drop Save breakwater panel is a series of nozzles for the distribution of the plant treatment product by a powerful jet of air which encounters a permeable mesh barrier. The liquid which drops to the bottom of the panel is returned to circulation by a specially designed vacuum fan which sends it back to a distributor located over the main tank. This system was designed to avoid applying pressure on the main tank and allowing the product recovered to be sent back to the nozzles. Extension, central lifting and width adjustment of the panels work through jacks equipped with an electro-hydraulic distributor controlled by the operator using a CPU in the tractor cab who can set up and memorize the parameters for each vineyard and bring this information up for each successive pass to avoid the work of manually regulating height and width. The system can also close the panels for head row turns and then return them to operational positions.

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