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Top performance with new Alpego rollers

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - September 2014 | Back

An operating system based on a parallelogram for guaranteeing optimum position for the pair of rollers; stud bolts for the regulation of inclination; oversize bearings and supports with the diameter of 45 mm; side boards; twin rollers with the diameter of 140 mm; an ample range for the regulation of working depth. These are the outstanding technical features of the Franter M-10 and Franter H-10 rollers which were recently unveiled in the Alpego range, a manufacturer in Gambellara, near Vicenza, specialized in soil preparation machinery and equipment. These subsoiler rollers are designed to perform important surface operations to optimize leveling of the terrain to facilitate further soil preparation. The two Franter models share the same construction profile but differ in regulation of the depth of work; the Franter M-10 working depth is adjusted mechanically by the operator whereas depth is adjusted hydraulically on the Franter H-10 which is equipped with a special depth gauge on view from the drivers seat. These models are built in five versions which differ in weight, from 350 kg for the Franter M-10-200 to the top of 470 kg for the Franter H-10-300. The new rollers are fully compatible with all the subsoilers turned out by the Gambellara manufacturer, especially the Craker KD and KE mechanical models for tractors rated at 50/130 Hp and 90/180 Hp and the hydropneumatic mounted SkaT and K1 for tractors at a minimum of 90 Hp up to the maximum of 200 Hp.


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