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Skat S1 and S2, subsoilers from Alpego

In the segment of hydropneumatic subsoilers, the Vicenza-based company Alpego (based in Lonigo) offers the Skat S1 and Skat S2 lines. Equipped with hydropneumatic "no-stop" technology - a nitrogen accumulator with a regulating valve on the anchors allows the machine...

Alpego technology, all the qualities of the "Agile"

Agile is an innovative machine designed by Alpego of Lonigo (Vicenza), for mechanical inter-row weeding in wine-growing crops. It consists of five elements (supporting frame, traversing system, tool group, transmission, accessory parts). The supporting structure consists of a main frame...

Alpego technologies for soil processing

This year, once again Alpego of Lonigo (Vicenza) responded with conviction to the rendez-vous in Eima Show 2018. The following machines worked in the fields of Casalina. Megacraker KX Series. It is a 9-anchor folding subsoiler with a working width...

Alpego, a reality in constant development

This June 29th, the La Borina Agritourism in San Bonifacio (VR) hosted the press conference promoted by Alpego to present the economic data, the range of products and the prospects for the development of a company (based in Lonigo in...

Fertidrill AsmaX, high performance on slopes

It’s called Fertidrill AsmaX, a multi-purpose seed drill made by Alpego. This machine was awarded a mention in the competition “EIMA Technical Innovation 2016” at EIMA International. It comes with a stainless steel hopper of large capacity (depending on requirements,...

Rotary tillers: Alpego extends its range

New products from the Alpego brand. The company from Gambellara (Vicenza) is launching two lines of rotary tillers with straight blades - Rotolama LZ and Rotopik KZ - available on the market starting in April. There are four models in...

From seeders to fertilizer spreaders, the whole Alpego range

At Agritechnica the spotlight is on the Rotal system, a device for the heads of pneumatic seeders for cereals produced by Alpego with the aim of significantly reducing (by up to 50%) errors of alignment between the seed rows, even...

Twin Force Maxi technology for Alpego harrows

Totally new for the power harrows by Alpego in Gambellara, near Vicenza, is the Twin Force Maxi system which has evolved from the tried and tested Twin Force deployed by for some time by the Veneto manufacturer featuring not only...

Alpego: the RmaX fixed harrow practical and reliable

A reinforced frame, a setup for combined operation with an Alpego seed drill, ample lateral flanks, rear sheet steel protection, a protection system for central universal joint,  quick release for drop forged tines and depth control of tines. These are...

Top performance with new Alpego rollers

An operating system based on a parallelogram for guaranteeing optimum position for the pair of rollers; stud bolts for the regulation of inclination; oversize bearings and supports with the diameter of 45 mm; side boards; twin rollers with the diameter...

Harrows, the New Alpego Range

Alpego, the leading maker of farm equipment from Gambellara near Vicenza, added further confirmation of its attachment to innovation with a new series of fixed and folding power harrows that can be combined with seed broadcasters. The five, strikingly styled...

High-Performance Harrows: Alpego's DmaX and RM

A recognised international name in tilling and related operations, Alpego from Gambellara near Vicenza in northern Italy is using Agritechnica 2013 for the debut of two new harrows.The DmaX is designed for professionals and is derived from the efficient and...

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