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Rotary tillers: Alpego extends its range

by Fabrizio Sereni
April 2016 | Back

New products from the Alpego brand. The company from Gambellara (Vicenza) is launching two lines of rotary tillers with straight blades - Rotolama LZ and Rotopik KZ - available on the market starting in April. There are four models in total, designed for a medium- to high-power range (from 110 to 280 horsepower), which have a redesigned hood and frame. For these two components, the design solution adopted by the technicians of the Vicenza company has been to focus on a rounded profile and a simplification of the settings that eases the adjustment operations by the user. They are offered with the same working width (starting from a minimum of three metres up to a maximum of four), with all the winning features of Alpego models. These include the central gear drive that transmits the rotary power from the centre of the machine and distributes it on the two semirotors, thus improving the reliability of the application and reducing the power absorption. The new products from the Venetian company distinguish themselves above all for the different fields of application. The two Rotolama LZ models are intended to be used mainly on soils that are very hard and dry but already worked, where they offer an optimal honing of the ground. The Rotopik KZ rotary tillers are recommended for rugged and vigorous processing, that is to said for working on the roughest terrain. Finally, the profile of the implements is also different, with the blades of the Rotolama LZ series which present a rectilinear shape compared to those of the Rotopik KZ, equipped with a “step” structure.


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