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Skat S1 and S2, subsoilers from Alpego

by the editorial staff
May - June 2022 | Back

In the segment of hydropneumatic subsoilers, the Vicenza-based company Alpego (based in Lonigo) offers the Skat S1 and Skat S2 lines. Equipped with hydropneumatic "no-stop" technology - a nitrogen accumulator with a regulating valve on the anchors allows the machine to absorb shocks and stresses - the S1 and S2 models feature a fully bolted frame made of high-strength special steel that offers top-level performance. Among the most innovative features of the frame is the new design of the side panels, designed by the Veneto-based company's technicians to make roller assembly faster.

The two Alpego subsoilers are available with three types of anchors: rock anchors with reinforced ploughshare, which guarantee a greater excursion, thus making it easier to overcome obstacles on stony ground; anti-wear rock anchors or cracker anchors for optimal soil stirring. The latter are suitable for lightly stony but tenacious soils because, in combination with the Skat hydropneumatic system, they increase the elasticity of the machine (while reducing stress on the tractor) and prolong its service life.

The new Skat models are equipped as standard with the patented ALFAST, an ultra-quick system for removing ploughshares, coulters and anchor attachments. Skat S1 and Skat S2 therefore have an almost identical construction profile, but differ in the Franter double roller adjustment system, which is available in a mechanical or hydraulic version in the case of the S1 models, and in a hydraulic-only version in the case of the S2. The S1 model offers 50 mm more clearance than its predecessor, the K1. Working width and power requirements are also different.

The Skat S1s, which can be combined with tractors from 120 to 250 horsepower, start at a minimum of 2.5 metres and go up to a maximum of 3.5 metres, while for the Skat S2s the "range" is between 3 and 4 metres. The power class is also larger, as Skat S2s require tractors capable of delivering 200 to 400 horsepower.


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