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Alpego, a reality in constant development

by Anna Rita Natali
July - August - September 2018 | Back

This June 29th, the La Borina Agritourism in San Bonifacio (VR) hosted the press conference promoted by Alpego to present the economic data, the range of products and the prospects for the development of a company (based in Lonigo in province of Vicenza) which emerges today as an important reality in the field of agricultural machinery. It opened with a greeting from the founder Giovanni Pegoraro, who stressed that the company philosophy is, now more than ever, that of fully satisfying the customer and if possible conceiving the mechanical product in cooperation with its users. The conference highlighted how Alpego is a leading player in the field of machinery and equipment for soil processing. It invoices about 25 million euros, exporting more than 65% of its production and boasting a particularly efficient management, which leads to not being in arrears, registering zero losses towards suppliers. It also relies on an insurance broker - as explained during the conference - and uses credit insurance both as a business lever and as a credit enhancement. The conference, which had as its protagonists the heads of the sales, research and development, and financial management functions, also included a talk by Luciano Pegoraro (Legal Representative of Alpego), centred on investments made for business upgrades. In the last five years Alpego has invested for a total of 9 million euros, significantly expanding its staff, which was increased by 50%. The policy of product innovation has led to an expansion of the range, which currently has ten families of products, with a total of 40 models and three thousand units manufactured each year.

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