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Cultirapid NXT, the new MA/AG subsoiler

by Patrizia Menicucci
October 2021 | Back

Preview at the 44th EIMA for the “Cultirapid NXT” subsoiler from MA/AG, the company from Casalbuttano (CR) that has been producing agricultural equipment since 1976 and has specialised in the construction of innovative solutions for minimum tillage and conservation agriculture since the 1980s.

The “Cultirapid NXT”, which allows the soil to be tilled and prepared for the seedbed in a single pass, can be towed or semi-towed, and has a single main frame with a single beam structure - which houses all the working elements - with central wheels for a shorter implement length, making it easier to use in the field and on the road.

The MA/AG subsoiler has five working sets. The front disc harrow is equipped with domed toothed disks and tilt adjustment in different positions. The discs cut the soil and crop residue, stirring it to the surface. The intermediate disc harrow is equipped with domed toothed discs and tilt adjustment in different positions. These discs stir the previously cut soil to the surface. The rear decompactor with curved Michel-type anchors, mounted on an independent frame with hydraulic working depth adjustment, for deeper soil breaking, from cracking to complete decompaction. A special feature of the "NXT" version is the option of excluding or not excluding the anchors during work. The double star/wave disc for refining and levelling the soil. And finally, the adjustable ring roller, which can be replaced with other types - cage, paker or steel - for soil levelling.

The special arrangement of the working parts of the "NXT" enables perfect soil mixing and an optimum working surface. Other features of the subsoiler include: the high working speed (10/20 Km/h) with an hourly yield of 4/7 hectares and the working depth of the anchors of 20/30 cm (max), while the working depth of the discs and the star unit is 5/15 cm. "Cultirapid 40 NXT" is available in the version with a hydraulically folding frame at 2.55 m, for road transport, and with working widths from 3.20 m to 6.00 m - the 4 m model will be on display in Bologna - with a power requirement from 300 to 500 Hp.



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