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The versatility of the VORTEX line

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2023 | Back

The MA/AG disc harrows of the Vortex series are machines designed to work on no-till soil but also to carry out subsoling or after ploughing operations. The basic structure of these models consists of two parallel rows of independent discs with opposing orientations: each disc has a sealed, independent hub with a bearing; the elements are connected to the frame with a shock-absorbing system consisting of rubber buffers (silent blocks) that absorb mechanical stress and allow each disc to work. Behind the double row of discs it is possible to install a tine or flexible blade harrow, which can be adjusted manually, and different types of rollers (cage, ring or compact) to optimise crushing and soil levelling. Proposed with a pair of side retaining bands, Vortex harrows are also available in a folding version with opposing 'X' discs. This type of configuration was created by the company based in Casalbuttano (province of Cremona, Italy) to make machining even more uniform and to prevent drifts or lateral forces in the machine feed. This feature significantly improves the performance of the implement.

The harrows of the ‘VORTEX’ series are available in a mounted version with a fixed or hydraulic folding frame from 3.00 m to 5.00 m, and in a towed version with a working width from 4.00 to 6.00 m and a transport width of 2.55 m. In order to carry out several operations in a single pass, VORTEX harrows can be ‘combined’ with a Michel-type curved anchor decompactor, called ‘RAP’, placed in front of the disc harrows.

The 'RAP' is an independent piece of equipment, but coupled with the 'VORTEX' it constitutes an effective solution for minimum tillage and conservation agriculture.

The hydraulic adjustment of the rear attachment to the RAP enables double-layer tillage the Michel-type anchors decompact the soil without inverting the states to a maximum depth of 30 cm. The discs of the harrow, on the other hand, break up the soil and handle the surface residue to a depth of about 8/12 cm.

The centralised hydraulic adjustment allows the tools to be quickly set according to the working conditions. Harrow and RAP can be combined with a pneumatic seeder (electric or hydraulic) for sowing cover crops or seed mixtures.


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