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New MA/AGmodel for "Sicura" seeder

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

The new product presented by MA/AG at the German exhibition is the “Sicura” seeder in an SSP pneumatic version. It is a machine originally designed for sowing on hard ground, although it can also be used on partially processed soil, and is customizable with various accessories for use in different working conditions. At the exhibition, you can admire the 4.50 metre working version of model SSP 45 TRC of the “Sicura” seeders in the pneumatic “SSP” version, equipped with a pneumatic seed and fertilizer conveying system and an electric volumetric dosing device. The single sowing element is mounted on an articulated parallelogram, sprung and adjustable. Featuring two discs, one serrated and one smooth, mounted staggered to each other, with a scraper plate, and set apart so as to accommodate the seed inlet pipe. The device sets the seed into the ground and the soil penetration of the coulters is guaranteed by a 180 kg load, which can be increased by springs with adjustable preload. At the rear, two small wheels close the furrow to complete the seeding work. Sicura is intended for sod seeding of autumn-winter grains and all those specific crops that can be sown in line with inter-row of 175 mm or 187.5 mm or multiples. It is available in the towed version with working widths between 3.00 to 6.00 metres, with steps of 0.50 metres, and a number of rows variable from 17 to 33. The weight ranges from 3,150 Kg for the 3-metre version to 6,250 Kg for the 6-metre version. The power ranges from 140 to 200 Hp, depending on the model. For the 3-metre model, the seed and fertilizer hoppers are respectively 1,300 and 600 litres, while for models with a width of up to 6 metres, the seed and fertilizer hopper are 2,500 and 600 litres respectively. Optionally, it is possible to equip the machine with a fertilizer spreader, seed control electronics and various accessories for covering and closing the furrow. 


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