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Sprinter seeder, reduced costs and working time

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Frandent, a company based in Osasco (Turin) and active in the design and manufacture of power harrows, tedders and rakes, is expanding its range with a seeder that will make its first official appearance at EIMA in October.

Available in both mechanical and pneumatic versions, the Sprinter seeder - as the Turin-based company's model is called - is produced for Frandent by French company Burel Production, which specialises in the manufacture of mechanical equipment for sowing and fertilising (Burel Production is controlled by Holding Burel, which recently acquired control of the Osasco-based company).

The Sprinter integrated seed drills have a working width of three metres, can be configured with discs or seed drills, and can be combined with a power harrow from the Eternum series equipped with a Paker roller or trapezium. The combination of seed drill and power harrow, Frandent explains in a note, is not simply the pairing of two machines, but represents a single, professional and high quality production unit, capable of creating a connection between soil preparation and seeding.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to halve working time and reduce operating costs, but also to improve crop development and facilitate seeding operations even in the most challenging environmental conditions. In Bologna, Frandent will also present a new rake with two rotors per windrow, new models of tedders, and power harrows for high power with electronic kit for the detection of gearbox speed and temperature.


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