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Vortex is a multifunctional machine for soil preparation

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

MA/AG Agricultural Machinery is arriving at EIMA International with a number of the manufacturer’s leading products opening with the Vortex parallel cultivator with independent discs, a multifunctional machine for soil preparation to be used as needed for breaking soil, subsoiling or double plowing. The Vortex is designed for various farm requirements as well as contractor enterprises and is available in a versions mounted on the lift, a fixed frame or hydraulic folding model from 3 to 5 meters for the trailed version with a minimum width of 4 meters to a maximum of 6 meters with bulk down to 2.55 meters for road transport. The Cremona manufacturer’s stand will include a 5 meter trailed version VTXI 50 TRA model equipped with a rear shedder roller and a pneumatic seeder. The basic structure of the machine is two parallel rows of independent opposing discs. Each disc is fitted the an independent sealed hub with bearings. Each component is mounted on the frame with a shock absorbers with silent block for dampening vibrations and ensuring the work of each single disc. Discs of varying diameters from 560 to 610 to 660 mm are available. Coming as standard equipment is a pair of twin restraint shock absorbers. On the trailed version the opposing discs are given an X shape arrangement which ensures uniform work forward without derivations or lateral force. Also exhibited are multifunctional machines which can be combined with the new MA/AG cultivator: behind the double row of discs a flexible harrow breaker can be mounted; the rear of the Vortex trailed version can be equipped with various types of rollers; the trailed cultivator version can take on a rear shredder; for work requiring a single pass the Vortex can break soil with a curved Michel H.600 anchor and finally, an electric or hydraulic seeder can be mounted for seeding and covering or mixing the seeds.


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