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800 EVO subsoilers, reliable and durable

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2024 | Back

News from Dondi. The Umbrian manufacturer – headquartered in Bastia Umbria, near Assisi – presents a new line of subsoilers that promises to expand a range that is already particularly wide and differentiated. This is the 800 EVO series, a direct evolution of the "historic" 800 series which, appreciated for its reliability and high productivity, is renewed with technical implementations of the highest level. The new Dondi subsoilers, designed for tractors from 130 to 370 Hp and for working widths from 2.5 to 4 meters, stand out first and foremost for their unified three-point hitch – ISO/DIN 730 cat. 3 and 4N and ISO/DIN 11001-1 cat. 3 and 4N (U-frame coupler) – and for the frame with very high structural strength, specifically designed for intensive and professional machining. In addition, on the 800 EVO models, the Bastia Umbra-based company has renewed the design, optimised to improve the runoff of soil and plant residues. On the other hand, the characteristic working angle of the 45° anchors is reconfirmed with the aim of reducing tractive forces and improving the soil's turning and mixing capabilities. Other salient features include the monolithic rear roller frame, independent from that of the subsoiler and connected by a parallelogram lifting system; the possibility of using interchangeable and alternative work tools compared to the standard anchor, compatible with minimum tillage and/or conservation agriculture techniques; maintenance procedures are facilitated thanks to the possibility of disassembling the components most subject to mechanical stress.


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