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Junior, Dondi modular cultivator

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Junior is a minimum-processing combined cultivator designed by the Umbrian company Dondi - based in Bastia Umbra, a stone’s throw from Assisi - to work simultaneously on three sites. The application is composed of: a front section with discs (model SD 25 with ten discs), which provides an initial soil processing with the crushing and subsequent coverage of plant residues; an anchor cultivator that works the soil down to a depth of 25 centimetres (three available variants, with frame height between 70 and 80 centimetres); a double-row rear roller (available in the double version with spikes or with cages). The latter is equipped with corrugated discs that shatter the clods and level the surface, preparing the soil for sowing. Depending on the type of soil on which the operator is working, the double row roller of corrugated discs can be replaced with other types of tools. After all, the Junior combined cultivator is a modular machine that can be configured differently depending on the different needs of the user. In short, it is an application that has its main strength in its efficiency and flexibility of use. The power requirement for the tractor is between 110 and 150 horsepower, while the working width is 350 centimetres for all the marketed models. The basic equipment can be enriched with a wide range of accessories, which include - among others - the depth wheels (rubber or iron) and the square sprung anchor (QM model).


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