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800 EVO subsoilers, reliable and durable

News from Dondi. The Umbrian manufacturer – headquartered in Bastia Umbria, near Assisi – presents a new line of subsoilers that promises to expand a range that is already particularly wide and differentiated. This is the 800 EVO series, a...

Vitis 2 Pro: from Dondi a versatile implement carrier

Vitis 2 Pro is a double inter-row implement carrier developed by Dondi of Bastia Umbra (Perugia) with the aim of making the most of the current specialized tractors. The flagship of the implement carrier created by the Umbrian team is...

Junior, Dondi modular cultivator

Junior is a minimum-processing combined cultivator designed by the Umbrian company Dondi - based in Bastia Umbra, a stone’s throw from Assisi - to work simultaneously on three sites. The application is composed of: a front section with discs (model...

Dondi, integrated solutions for minimum tillage

Dondi in Bastia Umbra in the Province of Perugia arrived at the EIMA Show for the debut of two of the manufacturers combined cultivators designed for minimum tillage. The first unveiled was the Speedplow SP3M, a model equipped with two...

Work made optimized with Dondi central processing unit

Dondi has created a hydraulic central processing unit which ensures greater safety and efficiency in work in fruit orchards and vineyards. This is one of the new features the company in Bastia Umbra, near Assisi, is unveiling Paris International Agribusiness...

The high performance of the new Dondi range

Important new products on display from Dondi at EIMA International. The Umbrian company presented its new range of RT cut rollers which, unlike normal flail mowers, work passively, i.e. without being driven by the PTO. The new RT range includes...

Soil preparation without plowing withj the full Dondi range

The Dondi range of agricultural machine is geared to soil preparation without plowing to reduce work time, cut fuel and maintenance costs and fully respect the environment. Leading the way in this field are the manufacturer’s combined subsoilers for working...

Dondi-Quivogne: a farsighted agreement

Distribution, production and innovation are the three principal areas of interest in the Italian company in Bastia Umbra and the French manufacturer. Their purpose is to unite their strengths to optimize costs and thereby free up resources for the creation and development of new models

Dondi: whole gamut tillage, and more

Whatever your problem in tillage, working the soil or many other tasks, it's worth wondering what the Umbrian company Dondi has to offer.The company's products for farmers range from sub-soilers to multi-tine cultivators, minimum tillage chisels and a new cultivator...

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