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Reliability and performance for the new Emak brushcutters

aunches the new 50.9 cm3 H series brushcutters. These are the Oleo-Mac BCH 500 and Efco DSH 5000 models, featuring top level engine performance and linear torque even at low revs. According to the ReggioEmilia-based company, these features make these...

Pellenc brushcutters, effective in every situation

Powerful and manoeuvrable, durable and multifunctional; these are the main characteristics describe the new Excelion 2 battery-powered brushcutter by Pellenc, presented at EIMA 2021. The Excelion 2 is at its best in all situations, from clearing brush to intensive mowing...

Top performance for new Emak brushcutters

Emak launches on the market the new Oleo-Mac BCH 400 and Efco DSH 4000 branded brushcutters, completing the offerings of the H series, designed for domestic and small-scale farming work. Unlike the compact and lightweight BCH 250 and DSH 2500...

Brushcutters and chainsaws, the new products by Emak

In the brushcutter segment, the company from Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) presents the DSH 2500 and BCH 250 S models, made - respectively - by Efco and Oleo-Mac. The new brushcutters, powered by a 25 cm3 engine, are suitable...

Brush cutter, a multipurpose equipment

By taking advantage of the hydraulic power transmission, brush cutters can work with a considerable outreach compared to the tractors with which they are coupled. It is important to carefully take care of the maintenance of the cutting rotor and follow the procedures that guarantee safety during the execution of the work

Hand-held brushcutters

The landscape of brushcutters hand-held by the operator is very diverse, and many companies offer apparently similar products, but in reality they differ substantially, not only based on the power of the accessories, but also on the level of ergonomics and comfort, as well as polluting emissions

Emak brushcutters, all the qualities of the new models

Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S are two models with single handle intended for intensive private use, but with the technical characteristics of professional machines. The two brushcutters marketed by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia)...

MGF Brushcutters, powerful and resistant to wear

Fiaba, a Vicenza-based company based in Camisano specialized in gardening technologies, expands the range of MGF hand-held brushcutters with 3 Honda 4-stroke models that join the 25 cc and 35.8 cc models. The new Fiaba brushcutters are powered by the...

Hikoki launches the 82T16 electric brushcutter

 Cutting performance, reliability and working range. These are the main pluses of the 82T16 brushcutter produced by the German Cramer company and marketed by the Italian branch of Hikoki, a Japanese multinational company specialized in the production of electric tools...

UMK450 Honda, powerful and versatile

Honda completes its range of mounted brushcutters with an even more robust multifunctional model. We are talking about the UMK450, which is available with a vigorous 4-stroke 50 CC petrol engine designed to offer top level performance even in the...

Agri-Longer, high-performance Kuhn brushcutters

Time for new products at Kuhn’s. The French brand is launching a new range of brushcutter arms, the Agri-Longer GIIs, which expand an already very rich catalogue. In the landscaping segment Kuhn is also present with the Poly Longer GII...

Cutting-edge materials for Emak brushcutters

Their names are Efco DS 2410 S and Oleo-Mac BC 241 S, and they are two new light brushcutters distributed in Italy by Emak from Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia). These two machines’ ideal field of application is the finishing...

Mulchers and brush cutters: the Berti range expands

At the Sima in Paris, Berti Macchine Agricole of Caldiero launches many new products on the market. Here are some of the models presented by the Verona company.                Land. This is a mulcher suited for stalks of maize, sorghum,...

Brush cutters: vibrations down to a minimum on Hitachi

Maximum durability and vibrations reduced to the minimum are a pair of the winning cards of the new brush cutter models, the CG24EBSP and the CG27EBSP brought to the market by Hitachi for professional groundskeepers for working with lightweight equipment...

New remote control brush cutter, the HerbHy 30

The HerbHy 30 is a remote controlled robotic brush cutter from the manufacturer Hymach. The main features of this versatile robot are its compact size and high performance

Speed&Go, the new line filling system for brushcutters

The Emak Group’s innovative Speed&Go is a simple, practical and versatile line filling system for reloading brushcutter heads, marketed under the Efco and Oleo-mac brand names, which enables the operator to replace the brushcutter line in three simple movements in...

New brushcutters from Emak

Emak has widened their range of brushcutters with a new line of universal brushcutters for intensive home use which includes the DS 2700 and DS 3000 models under the Efco brand name and the Oleo-Mac BC 270 and BC 300...

Resistance and low vibration with Hitachi brushcutters

The new series of ultra-light and professional brushcutters was the star of the Hitachi stand during the three days of the “Country Life Garden Show” in Monza. The new Japanese brushcutters, with their small engines, are designed for the professional...

Battery-powered hedgetrimmers and brushcutters by Emak Group

The new Efco and Oleo-Mac ranges of battery-powered hedgetrimmers and brushcutters are designed and built for enthusiasts intent on work in their own gardens and, in addition to a mower and new-concept chainsaws, mark a step ahead in the sector...

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